Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Sump Pump and Basement Drain Protect Far Rockaway, NY Home

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 by Sarah Gozick


A Far Rockaway, Queens homeowner had water coming into his basement. Everyone wants and needs a dry basement and this homeowner was no different. The old sump pump had an open pit design that let out a musty, moldy smell. To the homeowner's annoyance, the musty smell was starting to waft up to the rest of the house and his visitors were noticing. Embarrassed and tired of his wet basement, he called Quality 1st Basement Systems to help his problem and fix it for good.


Home inspector Jeff Nero visited the home and studied the basement. He saw that the sump pump was not keeping up with the amount of water and the musty smell was overpowering. Jeff sat down with the homeowner and explained to him the best way to waterproof the basement and keep water out. The homeowner listened, asked questions, and decided that this was the best solution for his basement. Quality 1st Basement Systems went to work! The installation crew removed the old sump pump and replaced it with a TripleSafe sump pump. The TripleSafe sump pump will keep this Queens, NY basement dry with its powerful three pump design and battery back up. It has an airtight lid to ensure that no musty odors escape and no debris gets in.

To keep water moving to the sump pump, Quality 1st Basement Systems installed a WaterGuard basement drain. The WaterGuard basement drain is an internal system that collects moisture and drains it out to the sump pump. Then, the sump pump discharges the water away from the basement safely. Unlike outdoor basement drains, the WaterGuard will not clog up with tree roots and mud. The internal drain is covered with a layer of concrete to hide it from view and can be covered up with basement flooring. Now, the basement is 100% waterproof and safe. The musty odor is gone and the homeowner no longer feels embarrassed about his wet basement!

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Sales Representative: Jeff Nero

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