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James S. from Staten Island, NY had an ongoing water intrusion problem in his home's basement. He knew he had to have it fixed so he called Tom Roman's Quality 1st Basement Systems to take care of it. he is very pleased with the entire experience and with the results. "The work was done quickly and clean, and the guys were friendly and got done in a quick fashion. It is affordable and reliable."
James S. of Staten Island, NY
Had quite a bit of water...the work was done quickly and clean, the guys were friendly. It was affordable and reliable!
James S. of Staten Island, NY
Monday, July 6th
Mrs. Barbara N. has a large family. With kids coming and going all the time, she really needed some extra living space to accommodate them.Before she called Tom Roman’s Quality 1st Basement Systems her home’s basement was not suitable to be used as additional living space, due to unpleasant, musty smells. Through the use of 100% waterproof and mold resistant basement finishing products, Quality 1st Basement Systems turned the once foul-smelling basement into beautiful, dry and healthy living quarters that Mrs. N and her family will enjoy for many years to come.  The basement wall panels and basement flooring used in this project will not get ruined if the basement ever floods. The waterproofing system installed in the basement by Quality1st Basement Systems will reduce the odds of a basement flood to statistical insignificance! Mrs. N.’s new basement was put to test during heavy storms and remained dry and healthy. Mrs. N is happy and so proud of her new finished basement; she has been inviting neighbors down for a tour of her new living space.
Barbara N. of Staten Island, NY
Friday, October 17th
Testimonial Photo by Joan P.
I have had a leaky basement for many years and my son told me to call Quality 1st Basement Systems. My salesman was very professional! The installation team was prompt, polite, and also very efficient.
Joan P. of Staten Island, NY
Wednesday, January 6th
Testimonial Photo by Margaret A.
As I write this letter of commendation, it is raining and promises to become a monsoon within the next three days, however my basement is bone-dry thanks to Quality 1st Basement Systems. Your crew (led by Juan) was extremely knowledgeable, professional and courteous. They even cleaned the basement floor. They did a beautiful job as well as they complied with my curiosity. I am very pleased with their work.  I want you to know that your interview and advance preparation of documentation as well as satisfactory answers to my several questions were the determining factors regarding my choice of companies. I now know more than most housewives about basements. You can be sure I will highly recommend Quality 1st Basement Systems to my friends in the future.
Margaret A. of Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY
Monday, October 12th
The job that was done and the saleman were very good. The office staff was very professional and courteous. I chose you because you did work for a friend, had a good presentation, and answered all of my questions.
Joe C. of Astoria, Queens, NY
Monday, July 27th
Testimonial Photo by Joyce C.
I found Quality 1st Basement Systems through an internet search and gave them a call. My salesman was very professional and the installation team was courteous and thorough. They cleaned up nicely after the job. We chose Quality 1st Basement Systems because the system was more efficient and worked better than the competition!
Joyce C. of Jamaica Estates, Queens, NY
Wednesday, January 6th
I have been thinking about fixing my problem for 3 or 4 years, I kept coming to Quality 1st in my research. Quality 1st gave me the most info and knowledge about basement systems. The workers were excellent and thorough, I am extremely satisfied!
Jeanine L. of Staten Island, NY
Friday, March 27th
Overall I am very satisfied with the work completed by Quality 1st in my basement. My inspector Nick was great. I had been thinking about having the problem looked after for over a year and never got around to it, until I noticed more water seepage thru the basement walls during heavy rains. I initially heard about Quality 1st on Angie's List and was very pleased with my initial call to the company. The office staff was polite and answered all of my questions. My inspector Nick was great, he took the time to listen to all of my basement issues and provided us with a concrete solution. Juan Garcia and his team were great, they installed and finished my entire waterproofing job in just one day.
Thomas P. of Staten Island, NY
Saturday, May 4th
Inspector Nick Biris was great. He understood our problem and gave us permanent ways to resolve it. Juan Garcia and his team were marvelous. 
Tomas P. of Staten Island, NY
Friday, September 30th
Office was very polite and the crew did a really good job.
Bill S. of Staten Island, NY
Friday, September 30th
The crew was very professional and they left my basement super clean. 
Joseph C. of Staten Island, NY
Friday, September 30th
John was very pleasant and full of info. I am widowed and my husband took care of all the house's needs. John made me feel confident in my decision to do the work by your company.
Lori E. of Staten Island, NY
Monday, July 7th
I am very satisified with the completed job. The office staff was trustworthy and the salesman was professional. Quality 1st stands behind their work.
Liana S. of Staten Island, NY
Tuesday, December 9th
Quality service and very nice staff.
Joanne D. of Staten Island, NY
Friday, September 30th
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