Residential Concrete Lifting Before & After Photos

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Backyard Patio Raised in Staten Island, NY

Homeowner living in Staten Island, NY had a problem with several sinking slabs in the backyard. Some of which settled so low, that their children could no longer ride their bikes or scooters on the patio. Quality 1st sent System Design Specialist, Jeff Nero, out to inspect the home and provide a permanent solution for the sinking concrete. 

Since the concrete was only about four years old, removing and replacing it would be a waste of money, Quality 1st Basement Systems pumped PolyLevel into each sinking slab, raising them back to their desired level. PolyLevel is cost effective; it is a quick installation with a clean after look.

The homeowner was pleased the with work done and was greatly that the installation only kept the children off their bikes for a short amount of time.

Local Restaurant Experiencing Sinking Sidewalks in Staten Island, NY

A local restaurant in Staten Island, NY contacted Quality 1st Basement Systems to fix the sinking sidewalk slabs around the building. Sinking sidewalks create tripping hazards for customers and to prevent anyone from getting injured, the business wanted the problem addressed right away. Quality 1st was able to remove the tripping hazard by pumping PolyLevel underneath the slabs. Once the foam solution is underneath, it begins to expand and harden raising the sinking slab back to its desired level. 

Sidewalk Leveled in Staten Island, NY

This sidewalk outside a home in Staten Island, NY began to sink, creating a tripping hazard outside the home. Homeowner contacted Quality 1st Basement Systems who sent System Design Specialist, Kenny Tramutola out to the home. Kenny reassured the homeowner that PolyLevel would be the perfect solution for the sidewalk settlement they were experiencing. PolyLevel was pumped into each sinking slab, once underneath, the foam begins to expand and harden, raising the slab back to the desired level. Homeowner was pleased to see how quick and easy the installation was and how they were able to use to sidewalk within 20 minutes of it being done.  

PolyLevel Raising in Bronx, NY

This Bronx, NY homeowner noticed uneven concrete slabs on their sidewalk. Quality 1st Basement Systems was able to level the concrete using the PolyLEVEL concrete leveling system. PolyLEVEL was injected underneath the concrete through small holes in the surface. PolyLEVEL raised the concrete back to its original level.

Pool Patio Raised with PolyLevel in Whitestone, NY

Homeowner living in Whitestone, NY, was experiencing settlement with their pool patio. They contacted Quality 1st Basement Systems to discuss the options they would have instead of removing and replacing the concrete. Quality 1st pumped PolyLevel into the each concrete slab, raising it back to level. The homeowner was amazed at how fast the installation was and how neat and clean the patio looked afterwards. The PolyLevel provided the homeowner with a permanent solution and allowed them to use the pool area after the job was done. 

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