Quality 1st Basements Case Studies: Wooden Basement Walls Replaced in Rosedale, Queens, NY

Friday, January 22nd, 2016 by Sarah Gozick


A homeowner in Rosedale, Queens, NY used her basement as a craft room and for extra seasonal storage. However, the walls were made out of wood. Wood in basements can hold in moisture, releasing a musty, moldy smell that drifts up to the rest of the house. She wanted new basement walls that would not hold in moisture, were waterproof, and also looked great. She looked up basement wall options online and got in touch with Quality 1st Basement Systems for help.


Quality 1st Basement Systems removed the wooden basement walls. Basement specialist Kenny Tramutola explained to the homeowner that organic materials such as wood are not the best wall option for basements. Basements need inorganic walls that will not hold in moisture, since basements can often flood or have high humidity.

The installation team installed EverLast basement wall panels in place of the old wooden walls. EverLast basement walls are made with vinyl that will not hold in moisture, so they cannot grow mold or mildew. They will never rot or release musty smells. The homeowner also wanted new basement flooring that would be comfortable and warm. Quality 1st Basement Systems had just the solution! The crew installed ThermalDry basement flooring. ThermalDry basement flooring is warmer than concrete and is also made out of inorganic materials. Now this basement no longer has a musty odor and the homeowner is thankful! She is excited to spend more time in the basement, store more seasonal items in it, and work on her crafting.

Project Summary

Sales Representative: Kenny Tramutola

Primary Foreman: Juan Garcia