Quality 1st Basements Case Studies: Cozy Basement Flooring in Woodside, Queens

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 by Sarah Gozick


A family in Woodside, Queens had a damp, musty half finished basement. The air was humid and damp, and areas of the floor got wet after heavy rains in the same spots. The family was suffering from allergies, the space was uncomfortable and cold! No one wanted to stay in the basement so the family called Quality 1st Basement Systems to transform their wet area into a cozy space. Basement specialist Nick Biris came out and inspected the property. He sat down with the family and explained that there were signs of mold growth. The basement needed a lower relative humidity to keep the mold from growing back. Nick suggested several products that would keep the basement dry, mold free and comfortable.


First, the family needed a basement drain that would keep the area safe and dry. Quality 1st Basement Systems installed a WaterGuard basement drain. The WaterGuard is better than an outdoor French drain, because it is installed directly inside of the home. It collects water from between the floor and wall and drains it out to a sump pump. The basement did not have a sump pump, so Quality 1st Basement Systems installed the best residential sump pump available. The TripleSafe sump pump has three pumps and a battery back up. Basement specialist Nick Biris suggested the TripleSafe because it gave the family peace of mind. If the electricity goes out during a storm, the battery back up pump will turn on and the sump pump will keep on pumping out water away from the home. The family loved this system because it had multiple layers of safety. The basement was uncomfortable and cold, and the family wanted to spend more time there. To keep the humidity low, Quality 1st Basement Systems installed a SaniDry dehumidifier. The SaniDry helps keep it cozy because it removes water from the air, keeping humidity low and comfortable. This also means that mold will never grow, because mold only grows in high humidity! Not only that, the SaniDry filters out dust mite droppings, which is the most common household allergen.

To keep the basement warm and dry, Quality 1 Basement Systems installed ThermalDry flooring. ThermalDry is a waterproof basement flooring available in five different colors. The family had fun picking out a color together. They chose sandstone, a beautiful neutral marble that matched their basement décor. ThermalDry is an interlocking panel system that is installed quickly, piece by piece. It is made out of a water resistant vinyl, which will never rot or grow mold. Under every piece of ThermalDry basement flooring, there are raised pegs that keep the flooring away from the cold basement floor. This is perfect for keeping basements cozy and warm, since the vinyl flooring stays up to ten degrees warmer than concrete. The family was excited to see their new basement after the installation! They were surprised how bright the area looked with the new flooring. Almost instantly, the family noticed that the humidity was lower and that their allergies were getting better. Now the basement is comfortable and they are spending more time downstairs. Winter holidays will be perfect and snug in the new waterproof, warm basement!

Project Summary

Sales Representative: Nick Biris

Primary Foreman: Juan Garcia