Sump Pumps Photo Album: Staten Island Basement Stays Safe and Dry with a Sump Pump

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A Staten Island, NY homeowner was considering finishing his basement. However, he didn't want to invest money into basement remodeling until he knew that the basement would stay dry and mold free. After looking around for options on how to best waterproof the basement, he called Quality 1st Basement Systems.

The homeowner expressed to basement specialist Keith MacFarlane that he wanted to make sure the job was done with the best products possible. He wanted a watertight, 100% safe basement. So, Quality 1st Basement Systems installed an internal basement drain that will collect any moisture and drain it out to a sump pump. An internal basement drain was the best choice because it can be covered up with concrete. In the future when the homeowner finishes the basement, flooring can be laid on top of the concrete and the basement drain will keep it dry. A SuperSump sump pump was installed to keep water moving out of the basement. The SuperSump sump pump has an airtight lid which will keep musty, damp odors from filtering into the basement. Unlike an open pit sump pump, the SuperSump will look good in a finished basement and will not detract from the homey feel. By keeping this basement dry, mold will not grow and it will remain healthy for the family to spend time in. Now this Staten Island basement is prepared for rains. The homeowner is looking forward to finishing the space, knowing that it will stay waterproof and dry!

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