Sump Pumps Photo Album: Waterproof Basement in Morris Park, Bronx NY

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Two new homeowners in Morris Park, Bronx noticed water in their basement. They needed a solution, and they needed one fast. The homeowners called Quality 1st Basement Systems for a free estimate on basement waterproofing. Basement specialist Nick Biris came out to the property and suggested several waterproofing products to keep the area dry and safe.

Quality 1st Basement Systems installed a WaterGuard basement drain on the inside of the basement. Interior basement drains are better than outdoor French drains, because it will not clog with dirt or tree roots. The WaterGuard basement drain redirects flood waters to a sump pump. Quality 1st Basement Systems installed a TripleSafe sump pump to pump out the water away from the property. The homeowners loved the TripleSafe sump pump because it provides several layers of protection. The TripleSafe has three pumps, a built in alarm system, and a battery back up. If the power goes out, the battery back up pump will turn on and keep the basement dry and safe. Its airtight lid keeps out musty odors and debris. 

In order to keep the walls dry, Quality 1st Basement Systems installed CleanSpace walling. CleanSpace is made out of durable plastic, which will keep mold and mildew from growing. With CleanSpace basement walls, water vapor, humidity and moisture will stay out of the basement. With all of these products together, the basement is now dry and will stay safe and dry. The homeowners love their new waterproof basement.

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