Residential Concrete Lifting Customer Testimonial from Barbara N. in Staten Island, NY

Mrs. Barbara N. has a large family. With kids coming and going all the time, she really needed some extra living space to accommodate them.

Before she called Tom Roman’s Quality 1st Basement Systems her home’s basement was not suitable to be used as additional living space, due to unpleasant, musty smells.
Through the use of 100% waterproof and mold resistant basement finishing products, Quality 1st Basement Systems turned the once foul-smelling basement into beautiful, dry and healthy living quarters that Mrs. N and her family will enjoy for many years to come.
The basement wall panels and basement flooring used in this project will not get ruined if the basement ever floods. The waterproofing system installed in the basement by Quality1st Basement Systems will reduce the odds of a basement flood to statistical insignificance! Mrs. N.’s new basement was put to test during heavy storms and remained dry and healthy.

Mrs. N is happy and so proud of her new finished basement; she has been inviting neighbors down for a tour of her new living space.

- Barbara N. of Staten Island, NY
Friday, October 17th