Slab Lifting & Leveling at City Field in Queens

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 by Jeanne Donnelly

When the management at City Field in Queens called about a problem with sinking and settling concrete they were interested in the PolyLevel System

PolyLevel Specialist Ken Peare went out to City Field to inspect the property. He found the entire fire lane, originally constructed to withstand the weight of fire trucks, was sinking. Ken knew these slabs were the perfect candidate for the PolyLevel system. The PolyLevel system, an enviornmentally safe, polyurethane foam utilizes a high-strength polyurethane mixture that expands to fill voids under concrete, stabilize soil, and lift concrete slabs. The combined weight of concrete along with the weight of the fire trucks and poor soil conditions caused the concrete settlement to occur. When soil beneath concrete compresses or washes away it can cause major problems. PolyLevel is a waterproof, once cured it will not wash away and offers a permanent solution to slab settlement. 

The Quality 1st PolyLevel Crew went out to City Field and spent 3 days lifting the entire fire lane and creating a safe, stable place for the trucks to park. Now City Field is ready for the next big game! 

City Field PolyLevel