Crawl Space Insulation Keeps It Toasty

Friday, December 4th, 2015 by Sarah Gozick

Is the floor above your crawl space always freezing? Are you throwing away money on your heating bills? A cold crawl space costs money to heat and makes the rest of the house chilly and uncomfortable. Don’t let another winter cost you extra money; getting the right crawl space insulation makes all the difference. 

TerraBlock Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl Space Insulation Keeps It Toasty - Image 1

TerraBlock crawl space insulation insulates dirt crawl spaces with a thick layer of foam. Both sides of the insulating foam are covered with a special vapor barrier that will keep moisture out of the crawl space. TerraBlock can be installed on the floors or the walls of the crawl space, preventing cold drafts and damp air from coming in. Not only will this save money on heating bills, TerraBlock protects the wooden crawl space beams from rot and mold growth. 

SilverGlo Insulation Panels

SilverGlo crawl space insulation is made with expanded polystyrene foam infused Crawl Space Insulation Keeps It Toasty - Image 2with tiny pieces of graphite. After installation SilverGlo brings crawl spaces up to current national energy code, saving money and energy resources. The graphite particles improve insular properties by up to 24%! Unlike fiberglass, SilverGlo crawl space insulation is made with inorganic materials. Mold and mildew love organic materials, but they will not grow on SilverGlo. Insulating the crawl space with waterproof materials guarantees that mold and rot will never be a problem and saves money.


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