CarbonArmor Fixes Bowing Walls Like Magic!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 by Sarah Gozick

Is your foundation bowing?

CarbonArmor Fixes Bowing Walls Like Magic - Image 1A bowing foundation wall can be frightening. Visually dramatic and dangerous, it is a call for attention. Structural problems do not fix themselves, they can only get worse before they get better. With bowing walls, the value of the home goes down, the structural integrity drops, and the safety hazard grows. Foundation repairs need to be repaired the right way with the right products! Most bowing basement walls can be fixed internally with little to no disturbance to the homeowner with Carbon Armor wall reinforcement system.

What is Carbon Armor? 

Carbon Armor is a wall reinforcement system that stabilizes CarbonArmor Fixes Bowing Walls Like Magic - Image 2inward-tilting basement walls. It is a fiber-reinforced polymer strip that is adhered to the foundation wall, hugging it in place and stopping the bowing. Ten times stronger than steel, Carbon Armor is used by the US Department of Defense and is used across the country to reinforce bomb shelters and skyscrapers. Carbon Armor cannot be peeled away from the basement wall, they are specifically fitted to the wall and attached with an epoxy resin. It tightly wraps to the wall, stabilizing it with stronger than concrete durability. 

An Easy Fix 

For homeowners worried about unsightly, ugly foundation fixes Carbon Armor is the solution. It is a low-profile system, meaning it can easily be hidden and is installed inside of the basement. Its strips are a mere narrow seven inches across! After installation, it can be painted over and hidden from view, keeping it discrete. The small size of the strips allow for Carbon Armor to be installed between electrical outlets or piping. Carbon Armor strips can be installed in just one day, making it a quick fix for concerned homeowners!

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