Is Your Foundation Stable?

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Is Your Foundation Stable - Image 1Are you wondering if your foundation is secure? If you are thinking that your foundation may be sinking, t is always best to have a foundation professional inspect the foundation before the problem gets worse. Here are some telltale signs that your home may need foundation repair:

Signs on the outside of your home:

Cracking on the outside: Stair-step cracking on the outside of your home is a very common sign that your foundation is settling. These types of cracks are very common in concrete block walls or brick foundations. 

Separating chimney: Chimneys are at a high risk of settlement. If your chimney is separating from your house, your foundation is failing.

Is Your Foundation Stable - Image 2Problems with doors and windows: Signs of foundation problems include doors and windows out of square, cracks extending from the corners, doors or windows separating from the framing, new caulking around exterior doors and windows.

Signs inside of your home:

Cracks in drywall: These cracks are usually more visible in the higher areas of your homes. Common drywall cracking signs include cracks off the corners of windows or doors, cracks that follow the drywall seams, and drywall tape that buckles, pulls, or rips

Doors and windows: Doors or windows that stick are a sign of foundation problems that most people miss. If you have had to plane across the top of a door to make it close more easily, you likely have a foundation issue. Locks or latches on doors that have needed to be replaced or are out of line are also evidence of a sinking foundation.

Remember that large foundation cracks once began as small cracks. If you are experiencing any of these problems, schedule your free inspection today to ensure you are keeping your household on solid ground!