Quality 1st Basements Case Studies: Concrete Void Filling in Queens, NY

Thursday, May 4th, 2017 by Jeanne Donnelly


A stadium in Queens, New York contacted Quality 1st about the PolyLevel concrete lifting and leveling system. They had numerous sidewalks, ramps, and concrete areas that were settling. This caused trip hazards around the grounds and they needed to be repaired right away. The fire lane was sinking due to the heavy trucks that needed to park there and the ramp to the garage area was also sinking, making it usable. 


Quality 1st remedied the uneven slab problems with the use of the PolyLEVELTM Polyurethane Injection System. To begin the repair, PolyLEVELTM  Foreman Arturo Jaquinde, drilled a penny size hole into the sunken areas where the fire lane met the curb. He then used specialized equipment to inject the polyurethane under the concrete and raise it back to its original position. He did the same at the garage ramp.

With the use of the PolyLEVEL system, Quality 1st was able to lift and stabilize the concrete in the fire lane and garage area. The joints were sealed and the stadium was ready for use the same day. 

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Quality 1st Contracting

Quality 1st Certified Inspector: Ken Peare

Quality 1st Project Supervisor: Arturo Jaquinde

Products Installed: PolyLEVEL Polyurethane Injection System, Joint Sealing