Quality 1st Basements Case Studies: Warm, Waterproof Basement Flooring in Staten Island, NY

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 by Sarah Gozick


This homeowner in Staten Island, NY got water in his basement. After it dried, his carpeting had a musty odor and signs of mildew growth. He called Quality 1st Basement Systems to remove the carpeting and replace it with something waterproof, yet comfortable. Basement specialist Nick Biris inspected the property and suggested a sump pump to pump water out of the basement and waterproof flooring. The homeowner chose ThermalDry basement floor panels in the carpet color Mocha.


Quality 1st Basement Systems removed the water damaged carpeting. The concrete floor underneath was wet and cold, making the space uncomfortable and uninviting. The installation team installed ThermalDry basement floor tiles. ThermalDry is an interlocking basement floor system that snaps into place, piece by piece. Installation is quick and easy, with no mess. Because they are made out of 100% waterproof materials, ThermalDry basement flooring will never rot, grow mold or mildew, or hold in musty odors. If the carpet is damaged, a single piece can be easily popped out and cleaned or replaced. This solution was ideal for the homeowner because he did not want to rip up the carpet again. He loved that ThermalDry kept the basement warm and comfortable. Because of its raised peg design, ThermalDry keeps basement floors up to ten degrees warmer than the cold concrete below.

To keep the basement dry, Quality 1st Basement Systems installed a WaterGuard basement drain system. The basement drain redirects water to the TripleSafe sump pump. The TripleSafe sump pump has three pumps, an alarm system, and a battery back up that will turn on in case the power goes out. The homeowner loved this solution because his electricity often went out during storms. With the TripleSafe, he feels safe knowing his sump pump will still run on a battery, even when the power isn't working! The WaterGuard basement drain was installed along the perimeter of the basement. Because it is an internal system, it will not clog with tree roots or mud. This basement is now waterproof and the floor is warm and comfortable!

Project Summary

Primary Foreman: Juan Garcia

Sales Representative: Nick Biris