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Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water coming in through foundation wall into our basement through the utility room. We have a finished basement so really do not want it to be wet.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
There are some cracks in the interior and exterior of the home causing me concern.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Interested in a sump pump for basement - heavy rain causes flooding.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
2-3 times a year water will come up from the floor in the basement . Heavy rain is not the cause. It's just random
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water basement flooding and or new drain as well rear wall waterproofing
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water leak
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Basements wet
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Foundation cracks and leaks
Vicinity of Barwell Terrace in Brooklyn
Leak in the basement, floor tiles are popping up
Vicinity of Decatur Street in Brooklyn
On my first floor entrance hall rain water collects. I need a drain and a sump pump to pump the water outside. It is a brownstone and the area is located directly behind the steps. I need a quote asap.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
My basement is damp when it rains, want to make sure it's water proof properly and prevent mold.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Our basement leaked in the intense rain of last Monday. Our street is notorious for wet basements. The foundation wall is dry, water seems to be coming in through the ground under the foundation. We had a layer of silt.
Vicinity of Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn
I need a sump pump installed in my basement
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Would like a sump pump installed
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Part of the basement Floor sinking
Vicinity of President St in Brooklyn
Basement that was converted into office. Wall and ceiling peeling. We fixed the roof. Someone mentioned maybe humidity or water issue.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Basement flooding
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have a damp basement. My house supposedly had dry work done from the outside, but we have several places that are damp and I have a kids bedroom down there. Need help.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Sump pump not working. Need replacement asap
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water started appearing in the basement at the back of the house during/after the rain..
Vicinity of Avenue V in Brooklyn
Water coming in to basement I think foundation
Vicinity of Wyona Street in Brooklyn
I need of concrete slab in my backyard lifted.
Vicinity of Montauk Ave in Brooklyn
Wet basement
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
MY front porch is sagging and i need an estimate on getting it fixed
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have three basement windows that need well cleaning and window well cover installation.
Vicinity of Bainbridge St in Brooklyn
I need waterproofing and tanking for the basement.
Vicinity of Hart Street in Brooklyn
The foundation of a two-family home with a basement is sinking and has sunk several inches. I am looking to see what it would take to fix the sinking foundation.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Squeaky sound on the first floor
Vicinity of Schenectady Avenue in Brooklyn
Request for a service quote re: basement/wall repairs. Thank you.
Vicinity of Sullivan Place in Brooklyn
Concrete floor separating from wall
Vicinity of Halsey Street in Brooklyn
We have a retaining wall that is in need of repair and I am interested in getting a quote.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Basement hardwood floor is bulging on one side. We just had a leak repaired below the floor and a trap installed but they had to take up part of the floor to fix the problem.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I am trying to relieve my basement of water and need a sump pump installed.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Rain seeping into basement ....
Vicinity of Powell Street in Brooklyn
Multiple uneven patio slabs ..drywell removal.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Id like to evaluate the signs of 'settling' I see to determine if I have a larger problem
Vicinity of Union Street in Brooklyn
Basement waterproofing / french drain
Vicinity of Richardson Street in Brooklyn
Water coming into basement through foundation walls during rain, etc.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water collects in the basement hatch at front of house. Thinking a sump pump will help.
Vicinity of Havens Place in Brooklyn
Commercial property. Basement leaking
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Crawl space infested with mold from leaks.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
We purchase the home back in 2013 and the basement was never touched. It's has a damp feel and we would like to finish it and make it a usable space.
Vicinity of Clinton Ave in Brooklyn
Water getting in the basement, waterproofing needed
Vicinity of Bergen Street in Brooklyn
Hi we have to sump pumps in our Brooklyn children's center facility. we need the pumps checked to see if they can be fixed are a new system to be installed. we a state facility so we need a quote first if u can reach out to me soon that would be great thanks for your time
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have one cement square in my backyard that is raised on one side and sunken in on the other. Looking for an alternative way to repair instead of breaking it down and recementing it
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
1. Clogged sump pit 2. Clogged drain pain for the rain gutters 3. Water and foundation damage in the basement
Vicinity of Union Street in Brooklyn
I live in a Coop building in Brooklyn and we are interested in doing some basic renovation work in our basement. I'm looking to connect with a contractor who could come to our building and talk through some options and pricing. -Adam
Vicinity of Hinsdale Street in Brooklyn
Basement smells really bad everytime it rains.
Vicinity of Skillman Ave in Brooklyn
We moved in here a couple years ago and there is periodic water flooding when it rains outside. We fixed a couple obvious issues with our general contractor, but there still seems to be a little flooding when it rains. We are not sure where the water is originating from now.
Vicinity of Gates Ave in Brooklyn
Need basement waterproof
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Hi, I have water gushing into my basement during heavy rain (about twice a year) through the wall where the sewer pipe enters the house. There is a big gap around the sewer pipe. How can that be repaired?
Vicinity of Malta Street in Brooklyn
Mold and damp walls
Vicinity of Macon Street in Brooklyn
We just moved into a new home and our having moisture/flooding problems in the basement. We have a sump pump but would like to look into a battery backup, as our system has already failed once when an electrical outlet to which the pump was connected tripped. I would also like other moisture control suggestions, as it feels quite damp and we are using the space for storage. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water infiltration on basement floor, where floor meets wall... Need someone to come take a look
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Vicinity of Halsey Street in Brooklyn
I have a neighbor that has flooded me twice in four years.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water in basement appears to be coming from the floor due to heavy rains. Comes in only 2 spots, the landing from the entry way stairs and opposite side kitchen under the cabinet.
Vicinity of Huntington ST in Brooklyn
Basement smell, need advice.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Vicinity of Van Brunt St, Store in Brooklyn
Single store unit with a basement adjacent to yard, water is leaking in through the walls at the bottom of the wall.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have a 900 sq ft basement. During the last week, I recorded humidity readings above 60% (max 64.5%) for over 9 hours a day on 3 out of 7 days. We have yet to lay down flooring (it's in the middle of a renovation). I would like to down an appropriate subfloor and deal with the humidity issue before the actual engineered wood flooring is laid down.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have a crawl space with earth (dirt ) underneath my den floor and we just opened it up and removed all the debris and poured 6 inches of concrete. now i want to make sure that the area will be mold free and well insulated and to make sure no humidity damages my wood beams .
Vicinity of Ave N in Brooklyn
Replace basement window
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Need to water proof basement
Vicinity of Avenue I in Brooklyn
Basement floods when heavy rain.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have a water problem in the basment. I need advise what I should do to fix it and estimate.
Vicinity of Herkimer Street in Brooklyn
We have water leaking into the basement through the front grate and want an estimate on stoping this leak. Thanks
Vicinity of Union St in Brooklyn
Concrete slab inside warehouse sinking. Need to raise slab if possible.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
There is a spot in the basement that leaks every time it rains.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Porch crawl space needs to be insulated and basement floor sagging in one corner by Porch.
Vicinity of Berkeley Place, in Brooklyn
Water leaks into our basement during big storm. We are looking at options to fix this. We are leaving in a Brownstone.
Vicinity of Stuyvesent Ave in Brooklyn
Stoop on front of brownstone is sinking on one side/ front corner.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have water in my basement in 2 places water comes up from the trap in the back of my house and also on the other side not sure if its coming from the floor or the wall
Vicinity of Vanderbilt Street in Brooklyn
My house does not have access to our roof crawl space. We are having problems with Squirrels/Raccoons entering the space and would like to get access and the space cleaned up.
Vicinity of St. Marks Ave in Brooklyn
Water coming in basement from wall
Vicinity of Bergem St in Brooklyn
Foundation issues. Leaking basement and damaged concrete.
Vicinity of Sunnyside Ave. in Brooklyn
Skim coat concrete floor
Vicinity of Gelston Ave in Brooklyn
There is water coming into the basement floor during rains and storms.
Vicinity of Lorimer Street in Brooklyn
Water seepage in basement - pump system previously installed but not functioning.
Vicinity of Marlborough RD in Brooklyn
Water is leaking in from one wall of our basement. Material is falling off of support columns in our basement.
Vicinity of Prospect Ave in Brooklyn
I want to know estimated quote on repairing a basement of a multifamily property located in Brooklyn.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
We are a Physical Therapy office currently we have a pediatric sensory gym in our basement. We have constant high levels of moisture causing mold. On last floor treatment moisture rising from the foundation was discovered. As well during rain storms water comes in from the exterior walls at ground level.
Vicinity of Hancock St in Brooklyn
Brownstone gut renovation, want to make the cellar a useable space
Vicinity of Dikeman St in Brooklyn
Sagging floors and doors
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
There are a few leaks in the foundation in the basement and elevator pit.
Vicinity of Ave M in Brooklyn
Need to take out existing floor and lay water proof sealant.
Vicinity of Irving Ave in Brooklyn
Water seepage into basement when ground is saturated after heavy rains.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Would like an evaluation of a leaky foundation
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Convert a basement into apartments
Vicinity of Homecrest Ave in Brooklyn
My house is half stucco have brick on the bottom the brick part is moving out..
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water in the basement wall
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
There are some areas in my basement that seem like there is moisture or water seepage. I would like for someone to reach out and come to make an assessment so that it can be repaired.
Vicinity of Clermont Ave in Brooklyn
My neighbor's waterpipe broke 2 years ago and flooded my basement for 1 month. Since the flood, the house has obvious signs of settlements and cracks in walls. In addition, the basement has mold issue. We would need someone to dig from outside of the house to see the true damage, repair the foundation and waterproof.
Vicinity of Milford St. in Brooklyn
Wet, mold on walls in the basement of our home
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Found sinking basement floor and void under the basement floor
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Cracked Brick wall floor to ceiling, and significant settlement of last back 9 ft of two story home.
Vicinity of Erasmus Street in Brooklyn
Need to clean out, and insulate crawlspace under dining room. Electrician told us dead rodents were under there, and room has been very cold in winter.
Vicinity of Osborn Street in Brooklyn
Leaking in Basement.
Vicinity of Minna St in Brooklyn
We have leaking in our basement.
Vicinity of Elton Street, in Brooklyn
I have water coming in from my basement whenever there are heavy rains. I'm not sure of the root cause of the issue and need an expert opinion.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have severe rain leaks in my basment apartment. The root cause has not yet been addressed by my property management company.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
We have a townhouse in greenpoint. We are about to do a renovation of the house, but want to tackle the basement first. It is flooding during heavy rains. It is an old house and is definitely not very well water proofed.
Vicinity of Burnett St in Brooklyn
I have a few sidewalk squares that are intact but need lifting
Vicinity of Van Buren in Brooklyn
I have a damp and dirty basement I need to clean out
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Rising water tables during heavy rain cause entry of water into finished (kitchen, bathroom & covered walls (Paneling) in Brooklyn; many years a problem; seems french drain could be the right solution but prefer to avoid intrusive construction
Vicinity of White St in Brooklyn
There is mold; and still water in the basement
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
There is water coming up through my basement floor.
Vicinity of Abbey Ct in Brooklyn
We have water seepage in our finished basement (living space). We've torn up all the floorboards in one room to let it air out, but need to find the source and have the problem addressed thoroughly.
Vicinity of Pacific St in Brooklyn
We had our sewer main replaced recently and now we ave water coming into our basement in that area when ever it rains.
Vicinity of Gelston Ave in Brooklyn
Paddles of water on a basement tiled floor after rains, happens occasionally only after rain
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Looking for options for my basement. The consistent rain is beginning to seep through the floor
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I am looking for someone to waterproof a basement wall
Vicinity of Vandalia Ave in Brooklyn
Vicinity of New Jersey Ave in Brooklyn
Basement fills with water during heavy rain storms
Vicinity of Schaefer Street in Brooklyn
Looking to have my basement floor lowered down 16" foot then have a 4" slab poured. The sq ft is about 1,100. Looking to start this project within a couple days.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water in basement
Vicinity of Gates Avenue in Brooklyn
I had a pipe burst in my crawl space, the plumber has fixed the pipe, now I am looking estimate for services to clean up for the remaining waste and encapsulation.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Humidity in basement
Vicinity of Pembroke Street in Brooklyn
Fully attached town house with one side experiencing foundation problems.
Vicinity of S.Portland Ave in Brooklyn
Moisture on the basement floor
Vicinity of Legion St in Brooklyn
Basement needs to be cemented
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have two issues: 1. Water coming from somewhere inaccessible in basement. Mostly a nuisance as opposed to serious damage cause. Thinking a small sump well and pump would take care of it. 2. Very old roof leader showing bad rust/deterioration where it goes into cellar slab. Thinking bad section could be cut out and replaced.
Vicinity of Essex Street in Brooklyn
Have a water coming into small area of my basement. Trying to identify if its any cracks in driveway or cracks on wall that could be the issue.
Vicinity of Albany Ave in Brooklyn
After the heavy rains last week, I have a lot of water leaking into my basement, presumably through the foundation. It dried out yesterday, but returned today. Looks like I need some sort of waterproofing and perhaps improved drainage (the current drain locations are not at the low points in my basement floor). Thank You, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Vicinity of Marlborough Road in Brooklyn
Purchased home with foundation from 1904. There are some signs of moisture penetrating foundation walls with paint cracking, small signs of mold.
Vicinity of Watkins St in Brooklyn
I am in the process of going into contract with a seller and the basement has standing water and a lot of surface mold, i think. I would to get an estimate of services in order to properly reduce the price to accommodate removing the moisture. Thank you
Vicinity of St in Brooklyn
Estoy buscando un basement
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Hi, I want an inspector to come and help inspect my property interior/exterior foundation structures. Due to a heavy/pouring rain last Monday that my basement was flooded. The clean water came up from the under ground of my basement. I would like to have this done as soon as convenient and how much would it cost for inspection. Please advise. Thanks, Huey
Vicinity of Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn
Flash flood waters came in via clogged catch basin at end of street. Flooded garage and basement.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Hello, we have a driveway that slopes downward into our garage which is at basement level. This causes water to enter the garage and we've recently experienced flooding in the basement. Outdoor drains seem to be blocked not allowing water to exit efficiently. Please let me know when you can come by to get a better idea of the issues and we can discuss possible solutions. Thank you!
Vicinity of Coney Island in Brooklyn
Wet basemnt
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Cold basement need floor insulation
Vicinity of Saint Johns in Brooklyn
Basement flooding when it rains, drains not working
Vicinity of Celeste Ct. in Brooklyn
We had the downstairs floors by the bathroom and kitchen evened out with concrete, I've recently noticed two tiles in the bathroom cracked and we also had a stand in shower installed. In the a coner where the shower meets the wall it is opened. Can you take a look at it, thank you in advance.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Need foundation repair insid the basmant
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Moisture in basement. Back wall has water damage.
Vicinity of Washington Ave in Brooklyn
We experience a leak in our basement when it rains.
Vicinity of Barbey St in Brooklyn
I would like to check out some insulation ideas and wall panels for basement.
Vicinity of Decatur Street in Brooklyn
I have an unfinished basement/cellar. I would like to have it waterproofed and the outside of the foundation needs to be sealed as well.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water coming in thru foundation wall when raining
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Home inspection report indicates that the wooden support columns are cracked. I would like to have some have someone take a look at it to provide an estimate.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Sloping floor over crawl space. Cracks in outside stucco. Some doors are mis-aligned
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Crawl space seal &a smart jack installation (possibly)
Vicinity of Street in Brooklyn
Uneven floor
Vicinity of Sumpter St in Brooklyn
Leaks waterproofing mold bedbugs from house next door
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Some dampness in certain area of the basement. I suspect some mold but not sure!
Vicinity of Plymouth in Brooklyn
Water seeping from wall
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Fix foundation crack that licks water from the outside.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Need foundation repair due to long time water damage in rear of extension on Brooklyn row house
Vicinity of New York Ave in Brooklyn
Our basement gets small amounts of water seeping in through the walls against the rear and front walls of our Brooklyn townhouse.
Vicinity of Dean St in Brooklyn
I would like to make sure my basement is waterproof for finishing.
Vicinity of Avenue K in Brooklyn
Need crawl space to ne insulated
Vicinity of Nova Ct in Brooklyn
I have uneven/sloping floors that I would like to have corrected.
Vicinity of Dikeman Street in Brooklyn
Sagging floors
Vicinity of Dekalb Ave in Brooklyn
Rotted wood beams in basement, water leak inside from foundation.
Vicinity of Windsor Place in Brooklyn
We own a 20 by 50 rowhouse built 1903, basement has some flooding when it rains very heavily - once a year or so. We want a comprehensive low maintenance solution. Basement was dug out and finished in 2004, we realize this may have to be revisited to fix the flooding. May be necessary to coordinate with abutting property, I believe this should be possible.
Vicinity of SHEEPSHEAD BAY ROAD in Brooklyn
Commercial building has water problems every time it rains. Pumps do not help
Vicinity of Halsey Street in Brooklyn
Water seeps up from floor after rain. We suspect it might be an issue with he neighbors draining system.
Vicinity of Fourth Ave in Brooklyn
I would like to explore options to prevent future flooding in my basement.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
My basement get wet in one wall when is heavy rain
Vicinity of Union St. in Brooklyn
Damp cellar area in an apartment of coop with limited funds. The dampness is coming through brick that touches a dirt retaining wall on the outside. We are considering negative side waterproofing and would like a quote for that.
Vicinity of Ave M in Brooklyn
I have house where on one corner foundation is sinking wants to know what can be done to stabilize it.
Vicinity of Sterling Avenue in Brooklyn
We have a basement where the toilet sometimes overflows with clear water during heavy rain. We've had all the pipes checked/snaked and seems okay. So a sump pump is probably the only solution
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I'm looking to get my basement renovated and I'd like to have it waterproof first. I want an estimate on the project.
Vicinity of Park Place in Brooklyn
Need basement cleaned up
Vicinity of Union in Brooklyn
Water penetration in basement wall causing mold. Mold has been eradicated. Need leak repaired in brick wall.
Vicinity of Park Place in Brooklyn
I have two issues: 1) We have had repeated floods in our basement. 2) There are many cracks in our building's masonry walls that we want to make sure are not allowing water in.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Get water in my basement with heavy rain falls
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Basement leaks when it rains.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I want to install a sump pump in my store basement during the rain and snow fall water come to the basement
Vicinity of Fourth Street in Brooklyn
I have a basement that leaks due to high water table.
Vicinity of Veronica in Brooklyn
Water flooding in the basement.
Vicinity of Bath in Brooklyn
Hello, we need install Sump Pumps, we also have a mold problem,we need egress windows. May you help us with that? Thank you
Vicinity of St in Brooklyn
Looking for waterproofing expert who will install basement door.
Vicinity of Midwood Street in Brooklyn
Water leakage in the basement. Not sure where it's coming from.
Vicinity of Putnam Ave in Brooklyn
I need to waterproof my cellar. I would like to install 2 french drains (front and back wall) with a fully submerged sump pump. I am also considering installing a continuous drain humidifier.
Vicinity of Bay Ridge Ave in Brooklyn
Corners of the basement seems to leak;try to cover with waterproofing paint from inside. change the water-main, clean gutters; now there is a drops of water om the floor
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Have leak in basement through foundation
Vicinity of Madison Street in Brooklyn
Water is entering the basement, possibly through the rear basement cellar door area.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Flooded basement
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water in basement
Vicinity of Hancock St in Brooklyn
Water drainage issue with moisture on floor and interior walls of basement. Would love an assessment of what's going on and what the costs are for fixing the place. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
When there is a long, hard rain (such as on Wednesday, April 30), my basement floods. The water appears to be entering the house through the floor in the back of the basement, in a closet. The Sheetrock closet walls appear to be firm and dry, even as water is entering the closet. The basement is finished.
Vicinity of Devoe in Brooklyn
Underground water comes up to the basement (1" rivulet) or perhaps from the garden in the backyard when heavy rains pour for 2+ days.
Vicinity of Maple Street in Brooklyn
When we have heavy rain water pours through the walls in our basement. it comes into the boiler room and so is also a safety hazard. We believe that the issue is that our neighbours garden has inadequate drainage, but we also have inadequate waterproofing on the outside and inside walls... We need an assessment and quote please.
Vicinity of Franklin Ave in Brooklyn
Basement sump pump estimate
Vicinity of St Marks Avenue in Brooklyn
Last night it rained and I ended up with 3-4 inches of water in my finished basement. I have a vault under the sidewalk which leads to my basement. I am concerned about that space bringing the water in. Thanks for calling and coming for an estimate.
Vicinity of Cresent Street in Brooklyn
Flooding from natural weather in the basement.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
I have a water leak in the corner of my basement.It usually happens after the heavy rain. Also there is a crack on the outside wall around the same corner. It is facing backyard which has concrete slabs. Basement is finished.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
We have a basement that floods when it rains and we need to fix it.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Hello Having problems with flooding and mold build up.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Leaks happened after the heavy snow storm followed by rain. Or after prolonged rain.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Basement water
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water leaking through basement foundation walls.
Vicinity of St. Nicholas Avenue in Brooklyn
Moisture in basement, appearance of back wall,etc.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Have had water seep through basement wall of brownstone on several occasions during the last few years. Wanted to explore potential solutions.
Vicinity of Troy Ave. in Brooklyn
We get groundwater in our bsmt. we have a pump in a pit. but the water comes in a certain section of the basement and has to fow toward the pit.
Vicinity of Sterling Place in Brooklyn
Interested in the mold and flood resistant basement wall system.
Vicinity of Homecrest Ave in Brooklyn
I have a sump pump in my basement I like to change the base and lid of the pump
Vicinity of Oxford in Brooklyn
Would like to dig out a basement under my house.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Backyard needs a better drain system,takes a long time for water to go down drain
Vicinity of Adelphi Street in Brooklyn
My Basement always seems to be damp or wet especially after it rains.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
We did renovation of a fasade wall of the house a couple of years ago and now I notice a crack line between the bricks in a step-like patern, and also there is a similar crack in the wall inside the house
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Basement is gutted threw some water proofing on the walls. just looking for an evaluation if anymore needs to be done. its a 20x40 semi
Vicinity of Calyer in Brooklyn
Dirt crawl space needs vapor barrier. sump pump system in very basic and needs upgrade. (runs every 15 minutes)
Vicinity of St Charles Place in Brooklyn
Water in basement.
Vicinity of Montgomery Place in Brooklyn
We have moisture issues in the basement and mold is starting to form on boxes. There are signs of wet areas through the floor.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Old house and basement walls are wet.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
My basement always wet ,please contact me for scheduling free estimate.
Vicinity of Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn
Leakage through rear basement wall
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Hello. I live in a private townhouse home and our neighbor next door is demolishing to rebuild a new house. I'm concerned about my foundation because our basement door is suddenly stuck and won't open. I also see cracks in various places including the basement, first and second floor. There are also some water droplets seeping through my basement tiles. We are trying to get compensated for these reasons and it would be nice if you came to estimate how much it will be to fix these problems whether it be the foundation or something else. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Basement flooding during periods of downpours...water leaks through walls and floor. We would like to resolve and fix issue. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
New construction in the basement and contractor has not stopped the water from entering the new basement section
Vicinity of Ave. M in Brooklyn
Crawl space and foundation waterproofing
Vicinity of Seba Ave in Brooklyn
Cracks in bock foundation&leaking thru was
Vicinity of Joval Ct in Brooklyn
Cracks in foundation walls and holes in basement floor
Vicinity of Laurel Avenue in Brooklyn
2 vertical cracks in a foundation wall and a horizontal crack in garage.
Vicinity of Avenue Y in Brooklyn
Hi. I have a small sump pump that couldn't handle Sandy and my basement was flooded (again!) I am looking to install a bigger pump that will take care of this problem. If possible, send somebody for the estimate today (I am off from work) Thanks.
Vicinity of Avenue Y in Brooklyn
Water in basement ,when rains heavy. want to know if sump pump is the answer
Vicinity of Mermaid Ave in Brooklyn
My basement crawl space was flooded during huricane Sandy and the concrete floor has buckled into the house. I also likely have water damage in the floor and walls of the first floor.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water in basement.
Vicinity of Avenue H in Brooklyn
Water damage in basement. Flooring company removed flooring to find plywood and damaged concrete.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Water coming through cracks in basement wall. Interested in improving outdoor drainage. Waterproofing basement windows.
Vicinity of Stuart Street in Brooklyn
Basement leaking from foundation. Need estimate on waterproofing.
Vicinity of Green Street in Brooklyn
Need to get a quote on installing a french-drain and sub-pump system in a small condo building.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
There are structural issues - probably due to water damage - with the drywalls that constitute some of the walls in the basement. There's a rug on the floor of the basement that is something we'd maybe like to rip out and do something more solid with.
Vicinity of Henry Street in Brooklyn
Repointing stone wall foundation.
Vicinity of GLENWOOD ROAD in Brooklyn
Vicinity of Avenue P in Brooklyn
Water seeping in from two locations. One, underneath the air conditioner at front of house, air conditioner located in basement window, two, right hand corner side if house (facing). I believe that there are cracks in the cement foundation which could be sealed using bentonite.
Vicinity of Frost in Brooklyn
We have some seepage coming in to our commercial space. I was wondering if an estimate could be provided to us to see if a sump pump system would eliminate our problem?
Vicinity of Willoughby Ave, in Brooklyn
Basement floods with every heavy rain.
Vicinity of BEACON CT in Brooklyn
Vicinity of Decatur Street in Brooklyn
There are several leaks in the basement. And there is a drain that is very slow. This is a rental house so we do not live in it but we would like to get it fixed before the next renters come in.
Vicinity of in Brooklyn
Attached house built in 1930. Main floor is bouncey and uneven. Concerned about beams in basement.
Vicinity of Powers in Brooklyn
I would like to seal the stone walls of my basement for waterproofing. Thank you
Vicinity of Howard Ave in Brooklyn
Foundation repair and waterproofing.

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