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Bad Weather Warriors

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: A NJ/ NY contractor helps to restore and protect property value

New York, NY - November 28, 2012

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Quality 1st Basement Systems of New York is no stranger to natural disasters that damage homes and property value. Since 1987 the Perth Amboy company has been repairing damaged foundations and installing waterproofing systems to protect basements and crawl spaces from flooding in NJ andNY. Their role in coping with the devastation brought on by hurricane Sandy began even before the storm arrived.

“In the run-up to Sandy, we installed about 100 sump pumps in just six days,” recalls general manager Robert Cherry at Quality 1st. “People remembered losing power after hurricane Irene, so they wanted battery backup systems to keep sump pumps operational in the event of a power failure,” he explains.

Of course, even a state-of-the-art sump pump couldn’t protect beachfront homes that were hit by Sandy’s storm. But Quality 1st began addressing these major repairs even before they had power restored to their headquarters on State Street. Jazz Pared, marketing coordinator for Quality 1st, participated and helped organize a group of volunteers to clean up Perth Amboy’s storm-ravaged waterfront over the weekend of Nov. 3. This effort included Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz, New Jersey state senator Bob Menendez and plenty of local high school students.

Although Quality 1st was without electricity for two full work weeks, crews were able to get out, assess foundation damage, and schedule restoration work. Normally, with the aftermath of something like Hurricane Sandy contractors can’t begin to reconstruct foundation walls in sandy soil that’s still wet and loose. But, Quality 1st has access to steel helical piers that can be driven into the soil like giant screws, providing solid support for footings and foundation walls. “We’ve used these piers extensively to overcome weakened soil conditions,” Cherry explains. “They’ll definitely help to speed the reconstruction process, while also increasing the wall’s strength and stability.”

Some homeowners aren’t just rebuilding their homes foundation; they’re also raising and reinforcing them, according to Cherry. “In addition to helical piers, we have other engineered products that enable us to make foundations stronger,” he says. “And we’ve been building and repairing houses long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.”

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